6 Reasons why you need Chatbot

It is does not matter you have a small or big business, how many employees do you have and etc.. Chatbot will help you, your employees and your customers. There are so many reasons why your business needs to have a chatbot. But for today, let’s talk about 6 Main reasons which we think are most important.

  1. Saving Human Resources – Chatbot can handle unlimited conversations at the same time 24/7 (has no holidays or illness). Your employees can do only more productive business tasks, because manual and certain tasks can be done by chatbot.
  2. Effective advertising – Comparing e-mail’s and chatbot’s opening rates it is about 30% of e-mails and over 90% for chatbots… Chatbot can be more flexible and offer for the clients adds by them needs – so it will grow the satisfaction of the clients.3. Cost of chatbot – Chatbot will cost you much, much less than real employee. It is cheap monthly services and NO payments for holidays or overtimes.
  3. Multilingualism – Mostly, employees can write and speak in 2 languages (native and one other) – chatbot can operates clients in any language – so your business will be more acceptable for foreign people.
  4. Fast obtains information – Client instead of searching information about your business can directly ask your chatbot and get an instant reply. Also can get all information and make actions (fill form, make reservation, buy and etc.) during the same conversation.
  5. Innovative business – In this “Age of Internet” clients and business partners is looking for leading and innovative companies to buy from or to work with. Chatbot is an indicator of innovation.

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