How to keep your customers closer

The first and always very important thing is to keep your customers as close as you can and let them feel it… If you are selling something (goods or services) you have always communicated with your current and future customers. But how to do it if you have many more less employees than your customers? Chatbot is your solution. Why? Because chatbot can have conversations with all your clients at the same time 24/7 so in this case client do not have to wait for a reply or chat with you just on your working hours. Just imagine how fantastic it is! Would you like to have more arguments? OK! So let’s talk about how to keep your customers closer.

  1. Send private messages – if you have Chatbot this step is very easy, because you can apply Tags to each client and add them to the specific groups by the type. Like an example: you have tourism agency and you would like to send “Travel deals” by the customer’s needs (maybe some clients are interested in “Last minute deals”, some in “exotic travels”, some to specific periods like winter, summer, autumn or spring). Using chatbot and customer’s tag, this is very easy. Then your customer has in touch with your chatbot, it can ask some questions and depends on the answers can add tags to this customer. So as soon you will add new travel deal with tag applied – all your customers who have the same tag will get private message with your new offer. So if your new travel deal is “Winter travel” so clients with tag “Interested in Winter deals” will get messages automatically. Just imagine if you have 100 or more clients, so how to send messages manually to all of them?
  2. Give special discounts, offers or presents for your new or loyal customers – this option can be added to your chatbot, so again – you do not have to repeat this action each time, then new or loyal customer has in touch – just set up it once and your chatbot will apply this action automatically as stated.
  3. Ask your customer for a review about their experience with your company – how you can work or improve your services if you do not have communication back about your services? Also, your clients will feel more important if they will get a personal message from you by asking them opinion. Again, we have the same fact – it is very difficult or sometimes impossible to ask opinion for each customer manually – if you have many more customers than employees or your employees are doing more productive work… so chatbot is a solution here as well. Do not forget that chatbot can collect this information and send it to your platform like google sheet, CRM and etc. So in this case you do not have to read a conversation between customer and chatbot so it is very convenient.

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